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Bread, the friend of his health

Bread, the friend of his health

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In the land of Dame Tartine, your little gourmet is king: bread treats him, while meeting his specific needs.

  • Between 3 and 5 years old, your child finds in the bread valuable elements to grow and to be in shape. To register therefore to its menus and not simply for gluttony.

Bread, fuel of his meals

At each meal, you can offer him bread, one or two slices at least:

  • From breakfast, the bread gives the children energy to start the day. There are slow sugars that feed the needs over several hours. It satiates a long time, avoids the small hollow and the big shots of pump.
  • Sandwiches to taste, salty or sweet, have the advantage of also recharging the batteries of the brain, large consumer of glucose, when your child returns from school, generally hungry.
  • Bread promotes dietary diversity : white, sourdough, cereals, raisins ... apart from wholemeal bread or bread, not recommended for children under 5, all breads can be eaten by 3-4 year olds. They offer a diversity of taste, shape ... appreciated by all. In addition, with bread, children can choose to put something different each day on their bread - butter, jam, cheese, chocolate, honey ...

Bread, the friend of his health

  • Wheat grain contains an interesting amount of vitamins E and B, essential for balance.
  • Bread is rich in fiber (3% in white bread, 7% in wholegrain bread), essential for reducing the storage of fats in the body by regulating the assimilation of food and promoting intestinal transit, sometimes lazy at that age. An ideal diet should provide 20-35 g of fiber per day after 2 years.
  • After meat and milk, bread is the third source of protein, food builders useful for growth.
  • Bread, especially the one with a crunch, promotes good dental hygiene he is crunched, he cracks and makes his teeth work, his jaw. History of not later becoming a follower of the soft diet.

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