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The Christmas of the Hamster brothers

The Christmas of the Hamster brothers

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- Oh ! I did not have anything! exclaimed Jimmy the canary. - Oh ! I did not have anything! Pesta Agathe pussy. - Oh ! he forgot me! whined Riton the duckling.

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  • Thus, on this Christmas morning, in each house resounds the same cry of disappointment. The little friends took a long time to digest the surprise, but when they did, they found themselves in the farmyard. - What could have happened? Riton worried. Santa Claus would have had a sled failure? - Maybe he punctured a ski, adds Agathe pulling a tiny pink tongue ... - It's possible, said Jimmy, who had left his cage for the first time. 'By the way,' said Agathe, 'I do not see the Hamster brothers!
  • Evidently Jupiter and Philibert had not deigned to leave the wheels in which they spent most of their time, galloping like crazy, which made them somewhat lonely.- If they received their gifts, the breakdown sled is excluded! Jimmy said. Wait!
  • It was Alain the colt who called them.- I found them! They are piled up behind the barn!
  • Everyone rushed to find that Alain had said true. Packs of all colors formed a pile, as if Santa Claus, pressed by time, had not had time to distribute them in each house.- But ... said Jimmy the canary, how are we going to find the his? I will ask the Hamster brothers, they may have an idea.

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