Gwenvael pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Gwenvael pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Gwenvael comes from the Celtic terms "gwen" and "mael" meaning "white, pure or sacred" and "chief, prince or grand" respectively.


Saint Gwenvael or Envel was a hermit living in the 6th century in the Koat-an-Noz forest in Armorica. It gave its name to the town and the church of Loc-Envel, in the department of Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany, France. He became the patron saint of this commune.

His character :

Gwenvael is an enthusiast who always wants to have the answers to all. Endowed with audacity and tenacity, he is able to take a lot on his shoulders. Man of character, he always succeeds. He is quick-witted and can easily get out of trouble. Prompt to the decision, Gwenvael thinks intelligently before acting. Volunteer and optimistic, he has a winning temperament. Always positive, he never goes back to failures. Despite his lack of self-confidence, this insightful man can lead great achievements. Gwenvael is always at the end of her responsibilities by betting on all her abilities. Modest and simple, he hates to be noticed.
Open to the world, he is nevertheless attached to traditional values. Sometimes developing an inferiority complex, Gwenvael has difficulty expressing her feelings. It can therefore give an impression of indifference. In reality, he is invaded by the fear of being awkward. On the other hand, this haughty man hides an affectionate and loving being.


Gwen and Gwenva.

His party :

People named Gwenvael are celebrated on December 23rd.

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