First Name - Meaning and origin

First Name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Francky, Anglo-Saxon variant of Francis, finds its origin in the Latin word "francus" translating as "free condition".


Singer and French zouk music producer Francky Vincent.

His character :

Francky is a frank, direct and resolutely kind person. Demonstrating courage and determination in his projects, he is known for his ambition. He uses every possible means to achieve his goals. Epicurian, Francky appreciates life as she comes and never misses ideas to make her more cheerful. He is a good company and always finds the right words to make you laugh.
Francky is insightful, he has an analytical mind to anticipate problems. Bold, it is characterized by an indestructible will and a keen business sense. Attracted by the challenge and the challenges, Francky always tries to surpass himself. Particularly active, he knows how to motivate his collaborators to join his cause.
Of an understanding nature, Francky demonstrates a real sense of listening. He knows how to make himself useful in difficult situations.


Francis, Franz, Francis, Francesco, Franck and Franka.

His party :

Francky is celebrated on October 4th.

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