Name Fabia - Meaning of origin

Name Fabia - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Latin language, the name Fabia comes from the word "faba" which means "bean". It is also a derivative of Fabienne.


Fabienne Carat is an actress and singer of French origin.
Fabienne Égal is a former Moroccan speaker and a French TV host.
Fabienne Verdier is a painter of French origin.
Fabiana Murer is a Brazilian athlete specializing in pole vaulting.
Fabienne Thibeault is a Quebec-French singer-songwriter.
The Fabia are celebrated at the same time as Saint Fabien. Fabien was a bishop of Rome before becoming the 20th pope.

His character :

Fabia is an open and friendly girl. Communicative and cheerful, she has great expressive skills. Being emotional in nature, she needs the attention of others to feel herself exist. Always in a good mood, she likes to chat and entertain her family. Hypersensitive, she has a strong intuition, she can adapt to all situations and quickly identify the problems of his interlocutor. Very confident, she believes in luck and good luck. Fabia is an energetic and dynamic girl, capable of doing a lot of things.


Fabia, Fabiana, Fabiane and Fabienne.

His party :

The Fabia are celebrated on January 20th.

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