Elmehdi pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Elmehdi pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Elmehdi comes from the Arabic mahdi that can be transcribed by "guided on the right path" or "guided by Allah". This is one of the names given to the Prophet Muhammad. For Shia Muslims, Mehdi integrates Ali's descendants. Regarded in the Muslim tradition as the Savior of Islam, he is supposed to return to the end of time to fight the antichrist and prepare the return of the Prophet Isâ, equivalent of the Christian Jesus.


No famous Elmehdi yet.

His character :

Elmehdi is mostly dominated by his affectionate nature. He needs to be reassured and will appreciate the encouragement of his parents with every progress he makes. Hating hate, Elmehdi will seek to keep his pace. A little green in the soul, contact with nature will give him an undeniable sensation of well-being.


Elmehdina, Mehdine, Elaimed and Elahmed.

His party :

The feast of Elmehdi remains undetermined until today.

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