Elia Meaning - Origin and Names

Elia Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Short, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

The name Elia is a variant of Elijah that comes from the Hebrew name Elijah. The name Elia means "the Lord is my God".


Elia Kazan is a director, theater director and American writer. Walt Elias Disney is an American actor, screenwriter, director, producer and animator.

Elijah Wood is an American actor. Elias Koteas is a Canadian-born actor. Elie Semoun is a comedian and a French actor.

What great man will become your little one?

The Elias are honored on the same day as Elijah of Cordova. Saint Elias or Elias was one of the martyrs sentenced to death in Cordoba with Paul and Isidore in the year 856.

His character :

Elia is a boy with a strong personality, able to gain the upper hand over others. He is active, dynamic and courageous. He realizes all his projects with energy and passion. At first sight, Elia gives the impression of being easy to handle. In fact, he is putting his opinions forward smoothly. If that is not enough, he can be Machiavellian by imposing his views in a devious and twisted way. Elia enjoys participating in many projects, but does not always find the time to complete them all. He is also a nervous person who needs to spend himself constantly to be able to control himself. Difficulties of all kinds push him to give himself to the maximum to succeed. Elia is a great advocate of justice, and when confronted with an action that does not suit him, he can be violent.


Helias, Elias, Elijah and Elijah.

His party :

The Elias are celebrated on April 17th.

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