Name Edan - Meaning and origin

Name Edan - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Edan is a derivative of Aidan that comes from the Gaelic name Aodán. Aodán is the diminished form of the word "aodh" which means "fire".


Edan Everly Donald is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, musician and producer who was part of The Everly Brothers. Edan Portnoy or Edan (stage name) is an American alternative hip-hop singer. Edan Gross is a former child-star.

What famous people will become your little man?

The Edans are celebrated on the same day as Saint Aidan de Ferns. He was the abbot and the founder of a monastery at Ferns. He was also the first bishop of this country.

His character :

Edan is a boy full of contradictions. He happens to be active and independent, but is also sensitive and attentive to others. He may even be very dependent on those around him. With Edan, you need to know which foot to dance to not be surprised by its changing nature. What is certain with him is that he is a strong, responsible and reliable boy. If he ever hesitates or is vulnerable, Edan knows how to hide this aspect of his personality. Only his relatives know his vulnerable aspect. In society, Edan shows a certain magnetism. He is kind to those he appreciates. The sensitive side of Edan gives him an intuition and imagination that allows him to reach the heights.


Aodhan, Aedan, Aiden, Aodhagan, Iagan and Egan.

His party :

The Edans are celebrated on January 31st.

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