Name Chabane - Meaning of the Name and Origin

Name Chabane - Meaning of the Name and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Chabane means "the eighth month of the Islamic calendar".


Chabane Chaibeddra is an MMA fighter. Chabane Ka is another MMA fighter.
Chabane Fehim is a French boxer.
Chaâbane Merzekane is a former football player of Algerian origin.
What great sportsman will become your little guy?

His character :

Chabane is an introverted boy who is secretive and reserved. Very shy, he dreads the surrounding world, to the point of doing everything to preserve himself. Preferring solitude, he is elitist in the choice of his relations. Indeed, if the relationship he has with others is not real and deep, he prefers not to have friends at all. Chabane is an intelligent being who tends to question everything, so that he ends up worrying or tormenting himself for nothing.
Of a pessimistic nature, he often thinks that life is worrying and that the best solution is to protect oneself as well as possible. Although he is constantly worried, Chabane is a serious boy who can be counted on in case of problems. Sensitive, he is always listening to others and ready to help anyone who requests it. He is often overwhelmed by everyday problems. That's why he makes every effort to protect himself as best he can. To avoid problems, Chabane tends to lock himself into a routine spiral where he feels perfectly at ease.


Chabanne and Chaabane.

His party :

There is no party for people named Chabane.

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