Name Carmen - Meaning and origin

Name Carmen - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Latin carmen, "singing".
Unusual, but known to all and worn around the world, this name of passion and character remains an original choice.


Spanish actresses Carmen Maura and Carmen Miranda, Spanish choreographer and dancer Carmen Amaya, French singer and actress Carmen Maria Vega ...

Saint Carmen, Andalusian of the thirteenth century, lived in Paris where his father was ambassador. She founded the convent of the Carmelites. Spanish form of Carmel, the success of the opera Carmen of Georges Bizet (1875) participated in its rise.

His character :

Of a meticulous nature, Carmen is always looking for perfection. She has an innate sense of detail and makes sure everything is done cleanly. Endowed with a great kindness, she hands without hesitation to those who need it. Carmen is very appreciated for her softness and her sense of diplomacy. Persevering and rigorous, she is incredibly effective in the professional field. She achieves big projects thanks to her great confidence in herself.


Carmelle, Carmela, Carmelia, Carmencita, Carmina, Carmine.

His party :

The Carmen are celebrated on July 16th.

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