Name Armance - Meaning and origin

Name Armance - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Armance is derived from the Germanic first name "Armand" consisting of "hart" (strong) and "man" (man). This variant of the Armande female name is usually translated as "strong" or "army".


Armance Brown, actress especially seen in "Faraway, So Close!" By Wim Wenders (1993).

Armance (de Zohiloff) is also the name of one of the protagonists of the eponymous novel written by Stendhal.

His character :

With a strong personality, Armance is presented as an independent woman with a will to any test. It is most often pleasant and welcoming. When it is not in its element, it is very flexible and able to adapt. This charming person is very coquettish ... from an early age.


Armancia, Armancianne, Armande, Armandia, Armanda and Armandine.

His party :

Armance is celebrated on December 23rd.

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