Name Anièle - Meaning of origin

Name Anièle - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Anièle is a feminine given name of Greek origin.
Anièle comes from the Greek "agnê" which means "pu


No Anièle known until today, your little marvel will be perhaps?

Anièle has for saint patron Agnel, Franciscan monk coming from Pisa. Agnel went on a mission to Britain, where he founded a convent with eight other monks in 1224. The Franciscans prospered quickly in England, and many communities sprang up there. Agnel became an important person in spite of himself. He was appointed advisor to the King, arbitrator between the bishops, then mediator between the latter and the Pope. He died on March 13, 1232.

His character :

Mysterious, Anièle takes advantage of his aura to charm his entourage. His conciliatory nature favors this design. Emotional, she is also whimsical. Optimistic at will, Anièle displays a positive vision of things, and this, despite the vagaries of life. Even if her confidence in her is sometimes lacking, she still faces the challenge in her learning. Idealist, Aniele dreams of a better and more just world. She then uses her altruism and her moral steel to achieve it on her scale.

Attachment and family love are of paramount importance to her. If she is the eldest, Anièle will undoubtedly be very protective of her siblings. She will be at ease in a large and warm family. Even small, Anièle will already show active listening and will already be good advice. She will often be the arbiter or mediator of small family conflicts, or even friendly!


Aniela, Anielle, Annielle and Aniella are the feminine given names of Anièle. Aniello and Aniel are his male counterparts.

His party :

Anièle is celebrated on March 13th.

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