Name Angus - Meaning of origin

Name Angus - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The name Angus originates from the Gaelic terms aon and gus meaning "the unique choice" or "the exceptional being".


Angus Stone (Australian singer and musician), Angus Mckinnon Young (British Australian musician, composer and co-founder of the hard rock band AC / DC) and Angus Maclaren (Australian actor).
Also known as "Culdec", St. Angus (Aengus, Oengus) was a monk of Irish origin austere of the ninth century. He studied at the monastery of Clonenagh, with the saint Igumen Maelaithgen with whom he acquired all his knowledge in matters of holiness and erudition. Uncomfortable because of the adulation of his peers, he decided to become a hermit. A consecrated bishop on his return to Clonenagh in 792, Saint-Angus is known to have participated in the writing of the oldest Irish martyrology.

His character :

With a natural authority and a charming character, Angus is a group leader. He is courageous, ambitious and idealistic. Generally having a good opinion of himself, he is sometimes a bit proud. Angus is also an honest and generous person who respects the weakest and who does not hesitate to take their defense if necessary.

Under his shell of insurance, Angus conceals a great shyness. Despite appearances, it is difficult to approach a woman, especially, the one that attracts. In addition, he is not very good at feminine psychology. Angus is on a perpetual quest for challenge, friendship and love.

His party :

The Angus are celebrated on March 11th.

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