Name Aleth - Meaning and origin

Name Aleth - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greek, Hebrew, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Of Latin origin, Aleth is derived from the word Alitis resulting in "who has wings".
Inspired by the Greek word aletheia, this name means "the truth".
By considering it as a derivative of Elijah, Aleth is composed of Hebrew roots el and ish referring to the meaning of "God is my salvation".


French hairdresser Aleth Briet de Rainvillers, French sculptor Aleth Guzman-Nageotte and French painter Aleth Paule-de Romemont.

Elijah was a prophet from the 9th century BC His many miracles contributed to his reputation. He fought against the pagan worship of Baal and proclaimed monotheism. Announcer of the Messiah of the last day, this prophet ascended the sky in a whirlwind and on a chariot of fire.

His character :

Generosity, sociability and loyalty characterize Aleth. Honest and sincere, she has a strong temperament from her earliest childhood.


Alet, Alea, Aliette, Haley, Aletheus, Alev and Alette.

His party :

Aleth is celebrated on April 4th.

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