Name Adryan - Meaning of origin

Name Adryan - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Italians, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Adryan is a Latin male given name. This is a derivative of Adrien.

It is inspired by Adria, name of a port city of Veneto to which the Adriatic Sea owes its name. Subsequently, an illustrious Roman family appropriated the name of Adria. The parents of the famous Emperor Hadrian did the same. Adrien and his derivatives became baptismal names frequently attributed in the Latin countries.

According to other linguistic sources, Adryan also has a Greek ancestry. It would come from the term Adrianos designating "the one who carries the flame".


Adryan Oliveira Tavares, Brazilian footballer playing as offensive midfielder at FC Nantes. He also belongs to the Brazilian club Flamengo.

His character :

Ambitious and stimulated by the difficulties, Adryan perseveres to the end to realize his dreams. Like a valiant prince, he considers obstacles as steps to climb to achieve success and success. This state of mind will make him grow faster than his friends. Despite his strengths, Adryan knows how to remain humble. He is not proud for a penny and will not hesitate to ask the help of his parents and relatives in the situations that require it.

The joy of living is also a dominant trait in Adryan. His application in class and his curiosity, as well as his intelligence, predestined him for a brilliant future. According to its etymology, Adryan was born under the sign of passion.


Adryen, Hadryan, Adrien, Hadryen, Hadryannah and Hadryana are all variations of Adryan.

His party :

Adryan is celebrated every 8th of September.

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