International Day of the Rights of the Child

International Day of the Rights of the Child

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On the occasion of Saturday, November 20, the anniversary of the signing of the CIDE, International Convention on the Rights of the Child, many awareness-raising actions are organized to denounce injustices and to respect the rights of children of the whole world. In France, Dominique Versini, the Children's Advocate, is worried about the high number of children living in precarious situations. (News of 20 and 21/11/10)

Yet in France progress remains to be made

  • In its report "Precariousness and children's rights", the Children's Advocate reveals that in France around 2 million children live below the poverty line.
  • Precariousness has serious consequences for long-term construction and the psychic development of these children.
  • No housing, Malnutrition inevitably leads to problems related to instability: school difficulties, health problems, etc.

CIDE, what is it?

  • The International Convention on the Rights of the Child, CIDE, was ratified by 191 states at the UN in 1989.
  • The CIDE defines the fundamental rights of children and the obligations of signatory states to recognize the child as a subject of right, to ensure his protection, to give him access to education, to care, not to exploit him, to let him express his opinion ...
  • These different rights must apply without distinction of color, culture, religion or any other discriminatory distinction.
  • In Geneva, a monitoring body, the Committee on the Rights of the Child, monitors the implementation and implementation of the CRC.

CIDE in France

  • France ratified the CIDE in 1990.
  • According to a study by Enfance et Partage, more than 2/3 of primary schools choose to invest in information about the rights of the child. 90% of parents and 99% of teachers are unanimous about the usefulness of informing children about their rights.
  • Dominique Versini wants to remind the public authorities that a difficult beginning of life can penalize an individual durably. It advocates very urgently to build social housing and fight against inequalities of access to care.

Frédérique Odasso