Think about waterproof makeup

Think about waterproof makeup

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Get out of the water made up as if nothing had happened, practice a sporting activity without anything moving. Impossible ? No, thanks to the waterproof makeup that holds in all circumstances.

What is the use of waterproof makeup?

On hot, stormy days, your make-up tends to turn, run or get absorbed. The solution, adopt waterproof makeup. His advantages :

  • Prevent your pencil, mascara and other blushes from flowing and make mistakes.
  • Avoid shining or pour your foundation as soon as it's wet.
  • Dispense retouch your mouth and remake the contours.
  • Shade your eyelids and survive contact with the water of the pool or the sea.

How it works ?

This ally of your beauty when the weather is fine acts according to the area concerned:

  • He creates a pretty complexion thanks to its compact formula without water but rich in absorbent powders.
  • It contains polymers which form a film on the eyelashes and waterproof the mascara.
  • It is rich in wax who does not spin and resists moisture.

What there is to know

This makeup a little different requires to respect certain rules:

  • Eliminate it with a specific makeup remover which flushes out all residues without irritating.
  • Protect yourself from ultra-violet with a sunscreen, this makeup does not filter the sun's rays.
  • Apply your makeup sparingly if you have sensitive skin or after a sunburn.

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