We celebrate Valentine's Day

We celebrate Valentine's Day

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Valentine's day, tell me how to rhyme love with always? On the occasion of the feast of lovers February 14, we offer you tips to boost your couple, gift ideas, ideas of names full of love ...

Valentine's Day 2018: Gift Ideas

February 14th ... an unforgettable date, do not forget! And if you dry a little on a gift idea this year, draw ideas in our selection. In masculine, feminine ... there is something for almost all tastes and all budgets especially!

Our favorites.

10 Valentine's day crafts for kids

Valentine's Day, the occasion also for the little ones to make pretty hearts or declare their love to their lover (s). Give them a feast with these simple, cute DIY ideas on Pinterest. It's a gift !

Crafts that have heart.

Quiz: what do you (really) know about kisses?

Kissing ... he will exchange millions for Valentine's Day! Even toddlers, we already know how to do them. But do you know the different techniques and the hidden face (even dark) kisses? Come on, we challenge you!

We play ?

Valentine's Day names: Valentin, Romeo, Tristan, Nahia, Juliette ...

What name for your baby of love? Let yourself be guided by our special Valentine's choice, names derived from the words "love" and "desire" or those of famous lovers!

Names full of love ...

15 Valentine's Day coloring pages for kids

Valentine's Day, the youngest are also concerned and have the right to have a lover or a lover, right? So, to declare their love, here are 15 coloring messages of love to print.

Coloring pages full of love

Valentine's day recipe: the pink risotto

For Valentine's Day, take the big game and impress your darling with this creamy risotto recipe very easy to make ... A recipe heart to devour two!

See the recipe in video.

A favorite for soaps

A fun, simple and 100% recycled idea for Valentine's Day, make mini soap with lavender essential oil. Marie's explanations on video

See the video.

Valentine's day recipe: pacifiers-heart ham cheese

For a romantic aperitif, grigon these faint hearty hearts garnished with ham and grated cheese. Very easy to do with this video recipe.

The recipe in video.

Valentine's day: give some good to scratch

Good for: a little dice in bed, a hug, a kiss or a sweet little word ... the scratch ticket book is a gift that will amaze your Valentine. Thanks WHO ?

A DIY video

Valentine's special quiz

Valentine's Day is February 14th! The opportunity to give yourself gifts, of course, but also to test your knowledge about the couple and maybe to learn things. Would habits sometimes be good? What is the secret of a couple that lasts? It's your turn…

I'm doing the quiz!

15 tips to boost your torque

Valentine's Day, the best time to meet up and boost your couple to give them beautiful colors that will last beyond the party. How to be together, communicate, desire, help each other ... in short, love each other! Discover our tips.

Love always.

Recipe: the apples of love

Not so hard to make love apples at home! A recipe idea special little hands that you will be able to achieve in duet with your apprentice cook.

The recipe in video.

Couple: the good use of the routine

The "train-train", the daily, it does not dream anyone. And if it was necessary for the harmony of the couple? For Valentine's Day, two specialists offer their advice: Corinne Antoine, psychologist, and Yvon Dallaire, sex therapist and couple therapist, to solve this difficult love equation.

The routine is good!

They are in love !

At home, your child only talks about Zoe ... At school, they make kisses, hold hands ... They are really in love or what? The explanations and advice of Nicole Fabre, psychoanalyst.

Valentine's Day, children too!

Have you ever been in love?

Being in love means what? At 4 years old, our students of large section already have a clear opinion on the question. Besides, how do we know that we are in love? They answer us.

I watch the video.