Do you have a prenatal massage

Do you have a prenatal massage

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Papuilles, you dream of it. Is it reasonable with your belly rounding? The answer of Christine Stawiarski, nurse-masseuse.

What massage?

  • Prenatal massage is a relaxation massageexercised by a competent person in a center recognized for its seriousness.


  • It is practiced at the end of the third month and during the entire duration of the pregnancy (except medical contraindications).


  • You are massaged (including the belly), by light circles, with nourishing, natural and vegetable oils (not essential, they are contraindicated during pregnancy). You stay lying in lateral position (on the side), cradled by the massage movements.

Why ?

  • Prenatal massage is above all a moment of relaxation which allows you to relieve all the small inconveniences related to the pregnancy: tensions, lumbar pains, heavy legs, lack of sleep, etc., and to take possession of your so new and so beautiful round forms. After a prenatal massage, you feel light and well in your body. Ready to welcome your baby.

Or ?

  • Do not hesitate to ask the gynecologist or the midwife who follows you to give you good addresses.

How often and how much does it cost?

  • Lasting 55 minutes about, the rhythm can be one session a week.
  • count 80 € the session.

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