Christmas: we celebrate!

Christmas: we celebrate!

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Christmas, children have only that word in their heads and mouths. A magical period! "Truths" about Santa, Christmas stories, coloring, crafts, holiday recipes ... here's everything you'll find in our Christmas hood.

Christmas: all information

Christmas: our selection of toys

What toys and other beautiful toys to put under the tree this year? And if you let yourself be seduced by the toys of our Christmas hood 2019. A selection of special Christmas gifts for toddlers from 0 to 3 years old. What's new this year?

Santa: all you need to know

Santa Claus, Santa Claus ... That's for sure the old man with a white beard has the mega rating with your child. What lies behind this myth? Is this a lie that is good? How to talk to him and answer his questions? How old is he going to believe it? We take stock! He believes in Santa Claus? Good!

Christmas: how to help him wait

December for children is the month of waiting! Many ask: "How many Christmas dodos?" Here are some ideas to take advantage of this time to help them learn patience ... Patience!

Our Christmas do-it-yourself

Christmas tree, garlands, gifts ... great atmosphere that reigns at the holidays and shines the eyes of children! Discover our DIY and deco ideas to amaze them even more. Our holiday crafts.

Our holiday recipes

Are you looking for ideas for your eve and holiday meal? Let yourself be guided by our gourmet recipes. Sweet and salty on the menu ... to treat all your guests, young and old.By the recipes here!

24 stories to wait for Christmas

24 Christmas stories like an advent calendar ... Virginie Ledoyen and Michel Leeb, ambassador and sponsor of Action Innocence, tell you a story written by Stéphane Daniel. A story for children to read together, but also to watch video, print or color. Our Christmas stories.

50 coloring Christmas

Santa Claus knows how to wait ... with these pretty Christmas coloring to download and print, it will be less hard to wait for your elves! Thanks WHO ? And then, they can also offer a nice drawing to Santa Claus on the day J. View and print the coloring pages.

Christmas names for little angels

Rachel, Aaron, Nathan, Adam, Naomi ... Biblical names are a wonderful source of inspiration for your baby. Deep names, with a story ... and especially timeless! Quickly find names of angels.24 Biblical names

20 Christmas cards to print

To accompany the gift packs, to put on the party table as a placeholder or to send to those who are far away or to friends ... here are 20 Christmas cards to print. Merry Christmas ! See the maps

Choosing the right Christmas tree

As every year, your children are calling you "the tree, the tree!" It is a must at Christmas. But which tree to choose? Choice of fir, security ... our advice.

Advent calendar

From December 1st to the 25th, you have one idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. A nice way to put your heart into a party and calm impatience. 1 idea a day ...

His first real Christmas

Your toddler understands that something was going on outside the box. As for Santa, for this happiness and a thousand other reasons, he had to invent ... Christmas, it matters!

Pregnant, what menu at Christmas Eve?

You are pregnant and as we approach New Year's Eve, you are wondering what to put on your future mum's menu this year. No question of depriving you, but useless to abuse. Here is a menu "antigonflette" concocted with the participation of Solveig Darrigo, dietician. Foie gras, turkey, log ... what am I eating?

Long live Christmas rhymes!

Little Santa Claus, Long live the wind, My beautiful Christmas tree ... your toddler loves these nursery rhymes that tell him about Christmas. You forgot the lyrics? Find them! To sing loudly with your child to wait until D-day. We sing?

At 2-3, he will love the party

At the end of the year, last year, your toddler was rather dazed by all the excitement out of his ordinary. A little refractory even, to new heads? This year, "it's going to be his birthday"! Magical !

4 Christmas stories

Christmas is fast approaching ... It's time to tell your child beautiful Christmas tales. Here are stories written by Stéphane Daniel and told by Pierre Richard. Quick, go on the ice floe!

He is spoiled at Christmas

Every year, it's the same ritual. Your child is overloaded with packages at Christmas. This holiday may lose its grace ... and your child, the pleasure of enjoying his gifts. How to do ? The advice of our specialist, Sophie Marinopoulos, psychologist and psychoanalyst. Too many gifts?

What do you know about Christmas symbols?

Christmas is coming soon ! The opportunity to check your knowledge of the symbols associated with this holiday to impress your guests on the 24th at night. So do you know how many reindeer have Santa or how was the Advent calendar born? I'm doing the quiz.

Christmas coloring pages

Find our Christmas heroes to print and color: Paco the penguin, Thibaud the Cub, Garou the Kangaroo and Santa Claus himself! What to wait your little until December 25! Our colorings.

3 good reasons to love the holidays

End of year celebrations, birthdays ... family reunions are a plus in your child's life. They help your child to be part of the story and the family tradition, they reassure him, open him to others and strengthen the bonds ... Do not sulk! The explanations of our specialist Séverine Mathieu, sociologist and teacher-researcher at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris. Partying is good!

Video: How is Santa?

He is tall, he wears a white beard, he travels by sled and he lives with his elves or ... maybe his children. He is Santa Claus, seen by our kindergarten students. I'm watching the video Children's Lyrics.

4 children's Christmas stories

Chloe writes her letter to Santa Claus, Chloe offers a gift, Chloe meets Santa Claus ... Quickly discover the 4 unpublished stories waiting for Christmas, written by Marie Desplechin and told by Nagui. Stories to listen to, but also to watch video, print or coloring to have a good time ... Our Christmas stories.

Books around Christmas

"When is Christmas?" Your child is having a hard time waiting and only talking about gifts and Santa Claus. Take a little tour in bookstores and choose together a nice Christmas books ... there are many to dress the windows in this month of December. Quick, a Christmas story!

Videos: Learn to draw Santa, the tree ...

Learn to draw, not so wizard! Santa, fir tree, chubby cherub, gift package ... with these videos, your Christmas elf will be the champion of the drawings. See the videos.

Advent Calendar: What do you know?

"Is it when he's going to spend Santa Claus?" Everyday your dear angels ask you the question so why not have them wait with an Advent calendar? But where does this tradition come from? Test your knowledge. I'm doing the quiz.

10 Christmas markets to furrow with your family

Christmas markets settle in France during the months of November and December. Animations, decorations and small chalets plunge the visitors in the magic of Christmas and the end of the year festivities. Let's go ?