The lady in the blouse, who is it?

The lady in the blouse, who is it?

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During the re-entry meeting, your child's mistress will introduce you to the ATSEM with which she forms, if everything goes well, the most perfect pair of pairs. At the first, the mission of educating, at the second rather than to assist. That's why she wears a blouse.

It's a bit schematic, but still pretty close to reality. For the passage to the toilet, the nose blot, the preparation of cutouts, the storage of the class, big tears, that's it!

ATSEM stands for Specialized Territory Agent for Nursery Schools. Paid and recruited by the town hall, she works under the supervision of the school director during school time.

If the teacher sometimes seems inaccessible (drawn features, hair in battle ...) and you have something very important to ask, go through the ATSEM. If their relationship is strained, go directly to the teacher. Because if it understands that you avoid it, it can very badly take it. Yes, the mistress is not always easy.

Carole Renucci

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