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My child is still in the moon

My child is still in the moon

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When you ask him to get dressed or come to you, your child does not hear you. Absorbed by his thoughts, he often appears on a small cloud, perhaps even in the moon. Should we help him to come back to earth and how?


It's his age to be in the moon

  • Your child is in the middle of building his imagination. The part taken by dreams is important. These mental images, new to him, help him to enrich this imaginary. He draws the resources necessary to invent stories he will use to play. Like the game, the action, the exchange, these moments of escape are very constructive.
  • What has to be done. Respect his rhythm. Give him time to dream. He is developing his ability to locate himself in his imaginary world, to exist for himself, and to enrich his creativity for later.

He has a dreamy temperament

  • Some children have less than others need action. A little more time to turn to their inner world is necessary for them to build and organize their imagination. This character often suggests a strong capacity for reflection: the more a child is in the world of the imagination, the more he develops mental images that allow him to reflect.
  • What has to be done. Do not try to bring it back to reality constantly. Do not judge him. This is his particular way of being in the world. Respect her, while helping her adjust to everyday life. If it's four times that you call him and he's not moving, he needs non-auditive stimulation: put your hand on his back, this contact will take him out of his thoughts.

He is concerned

  • Your child seems to be on another planet most of the day. He does not want to share games with friends, even at recess. He seems "in the moon", but his gaze is directed towards the earth. He is probably giving meaning to what he is experiencing or feeling bad and stuck. Maybe he is talking to himself. He needs you.
  • What has to be done. We must try to identify what concerns him. A difficult family situation, something you do not dare to tell him, a milestone event he attended or just the arrival of a little brother or sister.

Mom's words

"Clement was always a distracted child, head in the air, unable to concentrate more than two minutes on something, I had to call him ten times before receiving an answer, he was hanging out at table, putting hours to dress up, dive into his thoughts or play with a figurine.This trend began to change naturally at the entrance to elementary school.Today, he is much more down to earth and I do not worry anymore "Gina, Clément's mother, 7 years old.

Marie-Victoire Garcia with Isabelle Filliozat, psychotherapist.

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