Month 9 in utero: the time of finishing

Month 9 in utero: the time of finishing

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This is the month of finishes, the latest developments. Ready for the big day of his birth, your baby is perfect until the last moment. Vision, taste, his senses are at the top and he begins to garner his first memories. It is also a last beauty ... before the big day of your meeting!

He begins to taste

  • Some of the flavors of the foods you consume is collected in the amniotic fluid: it is the placental transfer. When your baby swallows and spits, when he inhales and exhales this liquid, he discovers everything you eat. Flavors such as garlic, cumin, curry, carrots, chocolate ... go very quickly into the amniotic fluid. The flavors of the foods you eat when you are pregnant are passed on to your baby via the liquid, and your newborn baby holds them - at least four days - after birth.

The vision: the last sense to mature

  • Vision is the last sense to mature. After all, why hurry? Inside your belly, there is not much to see! This system is therefore little stimulated. However, it is thought that the near-term fetus perceives differences in light intensity. But Western moms are generally dressed, their baby is more often than not in the dark!

Place to the first memories

  • Thanks to his developing sensory skills and the maturation of his brain, your future newborn baby can start to get his first memories.
  • So at birth, he is able to recognize a lullaby that you would have sung very often at the end of pregnancy, or the voice of his daddy if he spoke regularly near your belly during these nine month.
  • In the same way, your baby shows a clear preference after birth for odors present in the food you have consumed at the end of pregnancy, the molecules of which have passed into the blood and which he was able to "taste" later in his amniotic liquid.

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