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Mister Bonflair and the Howling Island: Episode 2

Mister Bonflair and the Howling Island: Episode 2

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Weird, weird, there is no longer the sea. Who guesses why? Thus ended yesterday's episode. Reply ? Because it's low tide, of course ... and it's time for our detective dog and his friends to leave for the mysterious island. Ready for chills?

  • Jojo scares her, who never loses an opportunity to hurt, said shrugging: "It's low tide, everyone knows that!"
  • "Congratulations Jojo!" Exclaims Mister Bonflair, "and it's good because there's low tide so you can go on the island on foot!" But after a while, Jojo stop, petrified: "There ... these big traces, there ... Like paws, it's ... it's monstrous! "
  • Mister Bonflair approaches: "Jojo, no need to be a big monster to have paws like that, I see a little, not very far. Who guesses where he is? "
  • Yes, of course, it was Tirelou, with his flippers on his feet! Jojo sulks, because she's a little ashamed of being scared. But for nothing in the world, she would admit it! On the island, children have fun running everywhere when, suddenly, they cry out. Mister Bonflair rushes. Zizou, Tirelou and Picou point to a huge shadow just above the cave. "Ho, ho," said Mister Bonflair, "I see what it is. Who's guessing with me? "
  • " Me ! Me ! Me ! "shouted the children, but they did not guess at all, so Mister Bonflair throws a small rock over the cave and ... poof ! A huge cormorant flies off. " Phew! "sighs Jojo scares her.
  • But immediately, the children push it towards the cave. Mister Bonflair stops them. "I'd rather go first," he said firmly. Who guesses why? "
  • It's because of Jojo's fun! She would be able to utter monstrous howls for nothing at all! What a flair Mister Bonflair had, because Zizou, Tirelou and Picou began to shout with one voice: " Help ! A ghost ... in the cave! But Mister Bonflair whistles towards the entrance of the cave.
  • He is not afraid at all. Who guesses why? Because ghosts do not exist! And he knows it, Mister Bonflair! He approaches a strange shape that looks like a face and he says very simply "Hello, how are you?"
  • Then he suddenly laughs and turns to a crab in a corner: "This man does not answer. You guess why, you? "

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A story written by Claire Clément illustrated by Nicole Claveloux, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.


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