The beauty of black skins

The beauty of black skins

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Originally made to live in hot and humid climates, your black skin can withstand temperate climates. To keep her beauty, she asks for specific care.

Skin peculiarities

Black skin suffers from decreased sunlight and humidity. That's why she goes out of her way. This has for it as consequences:

  • Become more sensitive, even allergic.
  • To be dehydrated.
  • Peel and itch easier.
  • To suffer from imperfections because she is fat.
  • Have pigmented spots long to disappear after a pimple or scratch.

Good gestures

Black skin is naturally toned and elastic, which protects it from aging, but it is fragile. To preserve it, you must:

  • Remove makeup evening and morning with a gel to rinse.
  • Use mild cleansers and not drying.
  • Avoid too aggressive scrubss to hunt stubborn dead cells.
  • Choose a moisturizer depending on your skin type.
  • To treat imperfections with an adapted care.
  • Think about protecting her from the sun because she lost her resistance to ultraviolet.

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