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Nursery rhymes count for him!

Nursery rhymes count for him!

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"A green mouse ...", "1, 2, 3, we will go to the wood ...". You sing them at recess and your child takes over these rhymes again. How to explain this eternal success?

Singing, doing the round, pointing fingers at the boyfriend designated by the spell ... it's captivating! No wonder your child is always ready to sing them.

Nursery rhymes, it's good for its development

  • Nursery rhymes with language and rhymes. By reciting "A goose, two geese, three geese ... six geese, seven geese" (it's you), your child has fun with his first word games.
  • It allows him to enrich his vocabulary. When he sings "Do you know how to plant cabbages?", He learns to designate parts of his body and to coordinate them.
  • It is also used to memorize the name of the colors ("A green mouse ..."), the days of the week ("Monday morning, the king, the queen and the little prince) ..."
  • It helps your child acquire better language-related gestural control : "Toc-toc-toc, Monsieur Pouce, are you there? Yes, I'm going out!" While promoting the psychomotor development of your child, she teaches him to concentrate!
  • Many nursery rhymes also allow learning numbers. When he sings "One, two, three, we will go to the woods, four, five, six, pick cherries ...", he begins to count!
  • Some images, those of the wolf, crocodiles ..., come back regularly. The subject of "Malbrough Goes to War" is not so reassuring. No more, besides, that the image "Of the small foam of the boat that will be eaten, oh! Oh!" ... Your child can evoke the themes that scare him in the reassuring context of the group and thus tame his anxieties.
  • Shoot "the tail of little pigs", as the song suggestsit's a barely diverted way to touch this picture, the things of the body and sex. Now, at his age, curiosity about it is very intense.

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