The prune

The prune

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Sweet and sweet, the prune will accompany your best recipes. But keep your hand light, it can be caloric and diuretic.

Sugar and fiber

  • Poor in vitamin C, like plum, it is rich in sorbitol, which acts on the biliary secretion, and especially in fibers. 2 to 3 prunes macerated overnight in the water and consumed at breakfast restore smooth transit. But beware: water evaporated during drying gives way to sugars that make it a very caloric food: 170 kcal / 100 g against 50 kcal when it is fresh.

Use the prune in the kitchen

  • Whatever the size, the prune can have different moisture levels on which its softness depends. It goes from the small fruit to cook (count of 90 to 100 prunes for 500 g) with fat and even with the giant, very fleshy (35 to 45 prunes for 500 g). Only the very dry must be rehydrated before use, semi-dry can be consumed without pre-soaking ... but, in any case, with prewash.

In small doses for babies

  • Very depurative, this fruit must be used with measure in the feeding of your baby.
  • If he is constipated, you can make him drink, from 3 months, 2 to 3 tablespoons of prune juice, added water rich in magnesium sulphate (Hepar).
  • But wait 15 or 16 months to make him discover by small keys lfruit pulp, mixed.

Véronique Chabrol

What to do with prunes?

• As an appetizer. Use large pitted prunes and thin slices of smoked breast. Roll each prune in a slice of breast. Close with a wooden spade. Bake 10 minutes in a hot oven.

For dessert. For babies, a prune added to an apple, all cooked with a little water, gives a new flavor to the compote. For grown-ups, poached prunes with pears in sweetened water with a little cinnamon make an original dessert.

In sweet and salty. In addition to the classic rabbit with prunes, this fruit goes well with white meat, bacon and casserole, or used as a stuffing.

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