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Santa in question

Santa in question

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"Where will he go if we do not have a fireplace?", "How does he know I live here?" Your child only talks about Santa. How to answer him? Is it lying to him? When he knows the truth, will he blame you?

Why is Santa good for your child?

  • Not only does it bring him a share of dreams, gifts, but in addition he participates in its development! The psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim, who worked a lot on fairy tales in the 1970s, explained that "we must let the little child believe in Santa Claus, Easter eggs and Little Mouse, because they allow him to add emotional fervor to important concepts that he will develop later. " So much for those who would hesitate to talk about Santa Claus to their child for fear of a cruel disillusionment!
  • Besides, he's so eager to believe it... From mid-November, he hears about Santa Claus at the nursery or at his maternal assistant. He sees it on television and in department stores. No wonder he wants to share with others the magic of this extraordinary character!

How to talk to him about it?

  • Simply by presenting it as a myth full of poetry : "It is said that Santa Claus lives in a distant country where it snows all the time.He moves in a magic sledge pulled by reindeer and, on Christmas Eve, flies away to the houses to deposit gifts ... "Do not hesitate to add details, children love ... The goal is not to make the story credible, quite the contrary, but to tell him a tale, an unreal story that makes him dream.

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